Tryg was listed on Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen 14 October 2005 and is part of Copenhagen C25 index. The C25 index is a capped index consisting of 25 shares in Denmark with the highest six-months turnover and the largest free float adjusted market capitalisation. 


Majority shareholder 
TryghedsGruppen smba owns 45% of Tryg's shares and is a company with limited liability. The purpose of the company is to own shares in companies that carry on insurance business or companies with operations creating peace of mind.

The supreme authority of TryghedsGruppen is its Board of Representatives, which consists of 70 members. The Board of Representatives elects TryghedsGruppen's Supervisory Board. TryghedsGruppen is registered in the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency under the CVR number 10 43 04 10.

Free float 
Free float is defined as the proportion of shares of a public company that is freely available to the investing public. Tryg's free float shares is 55% since TryghedsGruppen owns 45% of the shares.

Board Shareholdings
Find an overviev of the holdings of Tryg A/S shares of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board here.