Tryg as workplace

At Tryg, you will have around 3,300 colleagues with all the possibilities for development and growth that this entails. Read more about how we work

Tryg as a workplace

Values in everyday life

Our company culture
We thrive in a fun and exciting workplace. We thrive because we cooperate and because each of us contributes to the working environment by being actively involved and by showing commitment, respect and compassion. We challenge ourselves and each other.

Development and growth
You will get the opportunity to make use of and develop your competencies and at the same time live up to the goals that we determine together. You will be part of a team that creates changes.

After office hours
The work day is what counts, but we can also enjoy each others company outside office hours. This is why Tryg annually contributes to various club associations and department activities. These leisure activities covers fitness, art, wine and an active senior club. Employees with families should also enjoy themselves and have a good time. So every year we arrange a children's Christmas tree party at our head office.


An attractive workplace

The Living House

In Tryg we have designed our workspace so it gives us the best opportunities for development and sharing knowledge. We call it The Living House.

One-man offices are replaced with open office environments and the individual workplaces in the environments underpins, together with the common zones, the intention of The Living House: A domicile filled up with committed people in movement and a place, where the employees can create social networks no matter of what work department they are located in. By this the relations to employees are closer and the inspiration and knowledge can easier flow from employee to employee.

The houses contain many open meeting facilities for example the “Ramblas”, which make meeting and socializing easier. The “Ramblas” are actively used for relaxing and coffee breaks, but also for serious business like professional meetings and discussions.

Hello to "we and ours"

We underpin a work culture where “me and mine” is replaced with “we and ours”. This will obviously benefit the leaders and workers, but certainly also the customers.

Big, open offices make it possible for the employees to arrange in groups, depending on what they are working with. The flexible office decor creates living workplaces. Overall The Living House boosts a living organization that always is prepared for constant changes.

Tryg’s offices, located in Ballerup, Bergen, Stockholm, Oslo, Aarhus and Viborg, are all designed as Living Houses. This helps the Nordic employees to always feel at home when they visit each other on the offices.

Sustainability in Focus

Sustainability plays a major role in The Living House: From the organic expression in the design of the physical frames, to the decor that underpins a good workplace and a natural inner climate.

The Living House is arranged with many video conference rooms where the employees can do meetings regardless the boarders and distances between them. By doing this the employees save time and Tryg reduces expenses and CO2-emission.

We focus on competencies

Competent and motivated employees are Tryg's most valued asset and a prerequisite for reaching the Group's targets.
Satified employees
Tryg wants education, development and knowledge sharing to contribute to job satisfaction, well-being and peace of mind.
New competencie and requirements
Tryg strives towards and offers continuous competence development to ensure that the Group at all times is ready to change and meet new challenges and requirements.
An agile culture
Tryg focuses on employees that are ready to change and wants to develop and take initiative to perfecting his or her professional and personal skills in line with the Group's goals and needs.
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