Key figures and facts

Tryg is one of the largest non-life insurance companies in the Nordic region. We are the largest player in Denmark and the third-largest in Norway. In Sweden we are the fifth-largest company in the market.


Key figures

The table below shows the historical key figures from the last five years.


DKKm 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Gross premium income 18,652 17,977 17,707 17,963 18,740
Technical result 3,032 2,423 2,390 2,789 2,826*
Investment return, net 360 -22 987 527 -332
Profit/loss before tax 3,302 2,310 3,220 3,239 2,398*
Profit/loss for the year 2,557 1,969 2,471 2,517 1,731
Combined ratio 84.2 86.8 86.7 84.4 84.5*


Tryg business areas


Private provides insurance products to private customers in Denmark and Norway. Private offers a range of insurance products including car, contents, house, accident, travel, motorcycles, dog and health.


Commercial provides insurance products, including car, property, liability, workers’ compensation, travel and health to small and medium-sized businesses in Denmark and Norway.


Corporate provides insurance products including property, liability, workers’ compensation, transport, group life etc. to corporate customers under the brand Tryg in Denmark and Norway and Moderna in Sweden. Tryg is part of the global network AXA Corporate solutions.


Sweden provides insurance products to private individuals within car, house, dog, child, boat and accident insurance etc.

Our business

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