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The organisation of Tryg

Tryg is governed by a two-tier system, in which the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board manage Tryg's affairs.

Meet our management

The two tiers are distributed over four national business areas in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. 

Close to customers 

Tryg’s four national business areas each has a clear, unambiguous responsibility for profitability, development, sales and administration. This enables us to make decentral decisions quickly and close to our customers across the Nordic region.  

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Our business areas


Private provides insurance products to private customers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Private offers a range of insurance products including motor, content, house, accident, travel, motorcycles, pet and health.

Key figures

  • Gross premium income: DKKm 24,455
  • Distributions channels: Own sales agents, Call centres, Real estate agents, Online, Car dealers, Franchises, Bancassurance and Partner
  • Brands: Tryg Forsikring, Alka, Enter Forsikring (Norway) and Trygg-Hansa

Commercial provides insurance products including motor, property, liability, workers’ compensation, travel and health to small and medium-sized business in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Key figures

  • Gross premium income: DKKm 9,178
  • Distributions channels: Call centres, Online, Own sales agents, Franchise offices, Bancassurance and Partner
  • Brands: Tryg, Tryg Garanti and Trygg-Hansa


Tryg Garanti

Tryg Garanti is a leading supplier of surety bond insurance. We support local and international clients in main European markets and are currently locally present in the Nordic countries, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. In addition Tryg Garanti provide trade credit insurance to Nordic clients.

Tryg Garanti is part of the business area Commercial, DK.


Surety bond insurance

Tryg Garanti issues all types of bonds and guarantees in the construction sector and the manufacturing industry as well as bonds in favour of public authorities.


A surety bond is a guarantee to a beneficiary that Tryg Garanti compensates losses in case the policyholder is in breach of contract.


The primary surety customers are contractors and contract manufacturers. 


Trade Credit Insurance 

Trade credit insurance is offered to clients in the Nordic region, where Tryg Garanti offers whole-turnover policies to all types of clients, including exporting companies.


Trade credit insurance protects the policyholder from lack of payment on commercial receivables, typically due to a debtor going bankrupt.



Corporate provides insurance products including property, liability, workers’ compensation, transport, group life etc. to corporate customers under the brand Tryg in Denmark and Norway, and Trygg-Hansa in Sweden. Tryg has a cooperative agreement with the global RSA network for international customers.

Key figures

  • Total earned premium: DKKm 3,502
  • Distributions channels: Own sales agents, insurance brokers
  • Brands: Tryg and Trygg-Hansa


Tryg has strategic partnerships build on strong relations. Our partners among others include the Nordic bank group Danske Bank and AXA Corporate solutions – one of the largest insurance groups in the world.

Danske Bank
In November 2018, Tryg entered a strategic partnership with Danske Bank, one of the largest banks in the Nordic region. Tryg will cover innovative insurance solutions to Danske Bank customers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden – Private and Commercial in Denmark, Norway and Private in Sweden.
AXA Corporate Solutions
Since May 2008, Tryg has used the international network of AXA Corporate Solutions to meet Nordic customers' international requirements. The partnership makes Tryg part of a global network represented in more than 90 countries and with geographical coverage of 95% of the inhabited world.