Executive Board

Remuneration paid to the Executive Board

The Exuctive Board are employed under service contracts, and all terms of the remuneration are determined in the remuneration policy, which is approved at the annual general meeting and by the Supervisory Board. 

The Supervisory Board reviews the remuneration of the Executive Board annually. The review is based on the requirements for attracting and retaining the best qualified executive mananagement members.

Remuneration including incentive plan
The Executive Board's remuneration consists of a fixed salary, pension of 25% of the fixed basic salary and a variable salary. The variable salary constitutes up to 50% of the overall remuneration including pension.

You can read more in the remuneration report

Remuneration paid to the Executive Board in 2023

(tDKK)Morten HübbeJohan Kirstein BrammerBarbara Plucnar JensenLars BondeAlexandra Bastkær WintherMikael KärrstenAllan Kragh Thaysen
Fixed basic salary5,4199,5395,2226,2713,6042,532917
TCO (car), allowances, staff benefits13342224630023743448
Social Security of basic salaryN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A1,086N/A
Fixed basic salary, total6,90712,3466,7738,1394,7414,6861,194
INP (cash)7691,351719888523363130
INP (conditional shares)**1,1542,0271,0781,331785544195
INP Social SecurityN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A285N/A
INP (variable salary), total1,9233,3781,7972,2191,3081,192326
Total salary8,83015,7248,57010,3576,0495,8781,520

*The calculation of ‘Staff benefits’ is based on the capitalised value of other staff benefits such as insurance, medical examination, mobile phone etc.;

**Value of conditional shares on allotment date in January 2024 for the 2023 performance year.