CSR Reporting

Tryg's accounting practice

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Collecting CSR data in Tryg

In Tryg, the gathering of CSR-data takes place in the CSR-system, an internal database to which the yearly results are reported. The data is approved by the information systems manager in each business line or staff functions. In a few occasions the database is supplemented by additional information in a second format, which is sent to the CSR department upon request.

Data related to the effort on climate is in some occasions delivered by the supplier. This applies to CO2 emissions on car- and air transportation.

CO2-emissions from energy use, electricity and waste is carried out on the basis of consumption statements by suppliers and by means of the CO2-calculator on Klimakompasset.dk. Read more about climate and environment in Tryg here.

The employee mix is based on internal data about Tryg's employees. Read more about diversity and people in Tryg here