IR policy

Tryg's Investor Relations Policy (IR Policy) sets the basic principles for Tryg's communication and dialogue with stakeholders in the financial markets and finacial media. Tryg's IR activities shall be conducted in accordance with all prevailing rules and regulations, including Tryg's internal procedures.


Validity and target group
As investor relations is a group matter, the policy is valid for all employees who communicate with external parties concerning subjects that influence Tryg's financial performance.

In practice, the policy is especially relevant for employees, who are in direct dialogue with the stakeholders, i.e. members of the Executive Board and employees in the Communications and IR departments. 

This policy includes "Tryg's rules regarding Tryg A/S' and subsidiaries adherence to the disclosure obligations as an issuer".

The IR Policy is approved by the Supervisory Board and updated every year. 


The IR/Information Policy is maintained by the head of the IR department.


Aim of Tryg's investor relations activities
The aim of Tryg's investor relations activities is to enable the market participants to form a well-informed view on Tryg as an investment case and value the Tryg share accordingly. The aim is achieved by providing present and potential investors with factual, relevant and understandable information about Tryg's business and financial results. Tryg aim at being easily accessible, proactive and open in its communication. 


Communication channels
Tryg’s financial communication with stakeholders is mainly conducted through two channels, releases and meetings with stakeholders.

Releases are either scheduled, such as annual or quarterly reports, routine, such as information on insider trading or ad hoc releases. Tryg releases all information that according to the relevant regulation is deemed relevant for the share price. All releases and company announcements are published in Danish and English. Financial reports are only published in English, however, summaries are included in Danish. Furthermore, an annual profile is published in Danish, Norwegian and English in connection with the annual report.

All news releases, which are categorised as share price sensitive must be disclosed via a regulatory company announcement prior to information to any other person or group. Announcements must be released through a service provider such as Nasdaq OMX Corporate News Service and with immediate and subsequent release to Finanstilsynet (Danish FSA). When information is published, the information will be available on For more information on disclosure of company announcements, including leakage, se “Tryg’s rules regarding Tryg A/S’ and subsidiaries adherence to the disclosure obligations as an issuer”.

In addition to the above, Tryg releases IR newsletters that are deemed relevant but not share price sensitive. This can for instance be background information on an insurance specific topic. The IR newsletters can either be distributed through the service provider or through Through IR newsletters, Tryg aims at contributing to further understanding of Tryg and insurance in general among the market participants.

As part of the investor relations activities, Tryg meets with external stakeholders on a regular basis. The meeting activities comprise 1:1 meetings, group presentations and presentations at conferences. In connection with release of quarterly and annual reports, Tryg conducts roadshows presenting the results.

As a general guideline, the IR department shall have at least one representative present at investor meetings in order to align the communication. If this is not possible, the IR department shall be informed about the meeting and the topics discussed. During investor meetings, it is important that the level of disclosure of share price sensitive information is not expanded.

In addition to 1:1s, group meetings and conferences, Tryg hosts a Capital Markets Day every 2-3 year. Institutional investors, analysts and journalists are invited to meet the Executive Board who will present insight into Tryg’s business strategy and financial targets.

At the annual general meeting all shareholders are invited to attend the meeting and meet the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board. Shareholders may propose items to be included on the agenda, ask questions before and at the meeting and vote on issues on the agenda.

Social media
Tryg's IR department also communicates to stakeholder via Twitter, Twitter@TrygIR. The main purpose is to enchance investor communication. Information on Twitter includes non-financial information or financial information already disclosed to the market/Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen. 

  • Financial calendar - annual reports/quaterly reports and conference calls
  • Roadshows
  • Conferences, seminars
  • Events (e.g. cloudbursts, storms, flood)
  • Link to articles
  • Statements from IR in the press
  • Launch of new products


Investor targeting
The IR department proactively targets certain investors and provides brokers with a target list before roadshows. We strive for a mix o 1:1 meetings with existing investors for update on Tryg and new potential investors based on investment profiles and their investment in peers.

Our target towrads 2020 is to gradually increase the presence of US and Canadian shareholders in our investor base and also to be more present in the Asian market.


Spokes persons
The persons below can act as spokes persons on behalf of Tryg in Investor Relations situations:

  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board Jukka Pertola
  • CEO Morten Hübbe
  • CFO Barbara Plucnar Jensen
  • COO Lars Bonde
  • CCO Johan Kirstein Brammer
  • Investor Relations Director Gianandrea Roberti
  • Investor Relations Manager Peter Brondt
  • Communications Manager Tanja Frederiksen 

Our employees such as managers of business units and specialists can be involved in IR activities but only if planned and coordinated by the IR department. 


IR strategy
Tryg's IR Policy sets the overall guidelines how Tryg communicates with its IR stakeholders. The IR activities are carried out by the IR department in cooperation with the Executive Board. As part of the IR Policy, Tryg has written down an IR strategy which is updated every year for the purpose of continued objectives, action plans and requested results within the next 1-2 years. The IR strategy comprises for example: 

  • Plan of action regarding release of intirim and annual reports.
  • Roadshow planning and execution at home and abroad. 
  • Shareholder identification of institutional investors. 
  • Integration of Tryg's long-term targets and shareholder compisition and if necessary and adjustment of the investor targeting. 
  • Views on the market's perception of Tryg with regard to improving communication with the stakeholders including identification of improvement opportunities in communication and correcting misunderstandings. 
  • Gathering and analysing analysts' consensus estimates. Regularly reporting on shareholder issues to the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board. 

Silent period
From the last day of the reporting quarter (31 December, 31 March, 30 June and 30 September), Tryg will refrain from investor dialogue until the release of the interim/ annual results.

The IR policy has been approved by Tryg’s Supervisory Board on 9 October 2019.