Our approach

Here you can read how we translate CSR principles into processes and practices in Tryg. Look into our KPI's or read what the CEO thinks about our social responsibility. 


In Tryg we see our social responsibility as an integrated part of running a healthy business.

A part of our business 

Tryg aims at being at the forefront of the societal development, by offering sustainable solutions and services in internal processes - and with external stakeholders. This is why we encourage sustainable and responsible behaviour in all areas where we contribute and make a difference.

CSR targets and results in Tryg

KPIs Target for 2017 Result 2017 Target for 2018
Women in management ≥38 % 37 % ≥38 %
CO2-reduction 1 % compared to 2016 0.96% compared to 2016 Maintain the 2017 level
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CEO statement

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