CEO statement 2019

Growing a sustainable business

In 2019, we continued our journey with the Corporate Responsibility strategy 2020 and published our independent Corporate Responsibility report. Read more here.

CEO Statement - Morten Hübbe obout csr in Tryg

As a non-life insurance company, our core business is ensuring peace of mind for our customers in their everyday lives, which is embedded in our purpose: as the world changes, we make it easier to be ‘tryg’. We create value for society by enabling people and businesses to protect themselves from risks – both prior, during and after an event through claims prevention. As the world is transforming and risks are becoming increasingly complex due to globalisation, climate change, urbanisation and technological development, we want to make insurance simple.

Highlights 2019

Claims prevention is key to our purpose – moving from a passive peace-of-mind provider to an active peace-of-mind creator – and to our corporate strategy initiative ‘new products and services’ contribut­ing to realising our target of DKK 1bn in premiums in 2020+. In 2019, we launched a product for our commercial segment called ‘Mobile blocker’. Studies show a 12 times higher risk of crashing your car when you use your mobile phone to text or read while driving. Mobile blocker prevents drivers from using their mobile phone while driving to ensure their safety and provides employers with a tool to ensure the health and safety of their employees and other road users. 

Working with diversity and inclusion is an important parameter for a successful company. Personally, I am very engaged in the diversity agenda through my involvement in the Danish Diversity Council, and I believe that establishing targets for women in management and having rotation agreements are important actions that we have put into practice in Tryg. However, I believe that we can do more than only focus on gender; we can focus on becoming a more diversified company. In 2019, we have focused on the underlying barriers to being more diver­sified, such as unconscious bias in our recruitment processes. This is the first step towards building knowledge. In 2019, the share of women in management positions was 35% compared to 33% in 2018. This is progress, but there is still work to be done if we are to reach our target of 41% in 2020. We have established several initiatives for a focused effort on this. 

We remain committed to the Nightravens and Lifebuoys initiatives in Norway. Statistics show that there is a continued need for these pre­ventive initiatives, as we have seen an increase in drowning accidents in Norway. As a result, we increased our contribution from 2,000 lifebuoys to 2,500 in 2019. 

Anchoring Corporate Responsibility successfully requires management attention. The Executive Board has established a Corporate Responsi­bility Board chaired by our Group CFO, Barbara Plucnar Jensen. I am closely following the progress and dialogue from the meetings.

COP report 

This Communication on Progress (COP) report underlines Tryg’s continuous commitment to the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles on human rights, labour rights, environment and anti-corruption.


Best regards

Morten Hübbe

Our four strategic elements

Business ethics

Tryg’s regulatory obligations and underlying actions to ensure compliance such as action plans, policies, management systems or responsible supply chain management.

Climate & environment

Tryg’s climate and environmental impact and our efforts to reduce our impact through a carbon emission reduction target of 2% in 2020, as wellas working with waste management and responsible consumption. In Norway, eight sites are Eco-lighthouse-certified.

Responsible workplace

Tryg’s commitment to managing a responsible company through responsible investing and taking care of our employees and customers through our focus on diversity and good customer relations. Tryg has a target of 41% women in management positions in 2020.

Actively creating peace of mind

Activities which create peace of mind in society such as Lifebuoys and Nightravens in Norway or claims prevention products that create peace of mind such as Tryg Drive or rat blocker.

As the world is transforming and risks are becoming increasingly complex due to globalisation, climate change, urbanisation and technological development, we want to make insurance simple.
- Morten Hübbe, CEO