CEO statement 2018

Strengthening the core while embracing the future

In 2018, we continued our journey with the Corporate Responsibility strategy 2020 and published an independent Corporate Responsibility report. Read more here.

CEO Statement - Morten Hübbe obout csr in Tryg

Peace of mind through prevention

As CEO of one of the largest non-life insurance companies in the Nordic region, I am aware of the responsibilities that come with being a listed company and our responsibility for ensuring satisfied employees, customers and shareholders. We need to balance a financially healthy business with our responsibilities as an employer and company.

Claims prevention is a key element in our 2020 corporate strategy. We want to be an active peace-of-mind creator rather than a passive peace-of-mind provider. In 2018, we launched a range of prevention products to help our customers prevent claims. For example, we launched behaviour-based car insurance products in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, utilising digital technology to leverage ‘smart-tech’ opportunities. At the same time, we encourage responsible driving to create peace of mind in society.

A new digital era of insurance

Change is a constant in the new digital era, and Tryg is adapting its 300-year-old business in a new digital century. In a world of challenges and risks in the form of cyber-attacks and climate change, it is important to mitigate or turn risks into opportunities. Examples are our cyber insurance product which helps companies increase their resilience to cyber-attacks, and TrygID which protects private customers against identity theft.

As an insurance company, we need our customers’ personal data to provide insurance services. Personal data must be handled responsibly and with due diligence. This year, Tryg implemented processes compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect customer data, strengthen security against data breaches and increase transparency about data usage.

Principles guiding our conduct

Tryg has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2008, and this Communication on Progress report underlines our commitment to adhering to the ten principles on human rights, labour rights, environment and anti-corruption.

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present some of the world’s biggest challenges and opportunities we need to address by 2030. This year, we conducted an SDG assessment, and in the coming year, we will focus on implementation and how Tryg can contribute to a sustainable development.

Best regards

Morten Hübbe

Peace of mind in society

Tryghed i samfundet
We are committed to increase peace of mind in society. We contribute by running the Nightravens and Lifebuoys initiatives in Norway, as well as offering products with a prevention element which create peace of mind in society.

Claims prevention
Our ambition is to minimise and prevent the number of claims by integrating prevention initiatives into our insurance products.

The Nightravens and Lifebuoys in Norway
In 2018, Tryg continued its commitment to the Nightraves and lifebuoy initiatives in Norway.

Tryg is committed to increasing safety along the coastlines and harbours in Norway by working with the National Drowning Prevention Council, local communities, ports and various other stakeholders as well as ensuring safety at night time through the Nightravens.

Preventing drownings through capacity building
In 2018, Tryg cooperated with the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, Region West, to offer a course called ‘Safe in water’. Participant schools receive a day of education in understanding the risks associated with water, practising first aid and learning the key principles of self-rescue and lifesaving.

Responsible workplace

Tryg som arbejdsgiver

In Tryg, we believe that happy employees have a positive influence on customer experience. Investing in our employees is important as is keeping a healthy work-life balance.

Employee satisfaction is increasing
In 2018, the overall employee satisfaction score was 78, up from 76 in 2017. It proves that our efforts are working, and we will continue this focus going forward.

Focus on women in management
Tryg works to increase the share of women in management positions and ensure a diverse mix of employees to represent the society we are part of. We remain a member of the Danish Diversity Council, and to boost development, we have set a new target of increasing the share of women in management to 41% in 2020. In 2018, the share of women in management positions was 33%.

Women’s Leadership Programme
In 2018, another five female managers in Tryg completed the Women’s Leadership Programme. This programme is a part of the Danish Diversity Council, of which Tryg is one of the co-founders.

Customer relations

Trygge kunderelationer

Ensuring competent and responsible customer relations is at the core of our business model and our ability to retain our customers year after year. Tryg continuously works to ensure that we provide relevant services and live up to customer expectations.

The Tryg experience is a tool designed to ensure counselling of a uniform and high standard for our customers. The tool is based on the best experiences of a good customer dialogue, gathered across our entire business.

To meet the customers’ needs
We try to adapt to customer needs and expectations with regard to availability, which is why we are available in the evening as well as at weekends. We offer online meetings, which makes it possible to have face-to-face meetings with Tryg’s customer advisers from home or work.

Tryg Drive
Motor insurance accounts for 30% of Tryg’s total premium income. As we provide car insurance to many of our four million customers, we have a responsibility and an opportunity to promote safety on the roads.

Tryg offers digital car insurance products where pricing is affected by driving behaviour in all the Nordic countries: Tryg Drive in Denmark, Moderna Smart in Sweden and Sidekick in Norway. We believe that responsible driving behaviour will contribute to increasing safety on the Nordic roads.

We need to balance a financially healthy business with our responsibilities as an employer and company.
- Morten Hübbe, CEO