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M+ (Diversity Plus) is a project in cooperation with the Association of New Danes. The project is a course of development in which a number of companies and organisations have their diversity efforts evaluated. The starting point of the course is a measurement of the diversity effort of the given company and works out a specific plan for the proactive utilisation of the resources found in diversity.

The project involves both private and public sector workplaces. Participants come from both small and large places of work, which all have a focus on diversity as a means to improve services and products in common.

Read more here (in Danish only).

O.N.E. Denmark
Tryg has established a partnership with the Danish youth organisation O.N.E. Danmark. They have a strong focus on motivating young Danes between 18-30 years of age with a non-Danish ethnic background to engage in education and begin to shape their careers.   
Since 2011, Tryg and O.N.E. hosted five workshops in the headquarters of Tryg with the purpose of advising O.N.E. members about the composition of CVs, job applications and interviews. In our plan for 2013 we have scheduled a further two such workshops.

The partnership aims at improving the skills of O.N.E. members and at the same time presenting Tryg as an attractive and including workplace for Danes with a non-western background.
In Norway, Tryg has supported since 2010. It is a netbased platform that supports and advices persons with minority background on education and career. As part of our cooperation, vacancies in Tryg are listed on and their recruitment platform and network are used to direct Tryg recruitments towards bi- or multilingual applicants with a higher education.

The Association for Integration of New Danes on the Labor Market
 In cooperation with The Association for Integration of New Danes on the Labor Market, Tryg provides advice and supports young Danes of another ethnic origin in entering the labour market.

This is done through mentoring programmes that allow Tryg employees to act as mentors and share their knowledge and experience with job seeking young people. Hereby, they get insight in the challenges of new Danes to get an apprenticeship or a job, and the impact of their ethnic background in that context.

Moreover, they get to know the diversity in Denmark, and take the first steps into diversity management.

The Voyage
 Since 2009, hiking in Spain and in the Norwegian fells has paved the way for a new choice in life for refugee women in Norway and young men with different ethnic background than Danish with a criminal record. The concept “the Voyage” links our social responsibility to promote inclusion with our business interest in developing our mangers’ skills in diversity management.

The participants are offered a job or enrolment in the Tryg junior trainee programme, if they accomplish the hike, and our managers are given a chance to get to know Danes with minority background and confront their own stereotyping and prejudice.

In 2011, 4 young men participated in the Voyage and receive training as part of preparing for enrolment in the junior trainee programme in August 2012.

Nørrebro Race 2011
 Nørrebro is a part of Copenhagen challenged by social problems, a high crime rate and gang crime. Young boys with another ethnic background than Danish have been particularly exposed to these problems. The Danish Refugee Council runs a number of permanent workshops in Nørrebro and introduced a project ”Mind Your Own Business” in 2010.

It aims at activating young boys in building up a small socio-economic business. Tryg supported a team of boys with a dream of setting up a race which would take runners through their neighbourhood.

The race was carried through in May 2011 and was a great success with more than 300 runners, including the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, the Mayor of Social Affairs and the former Chief Police Commissioner.

Tryg’s employees contributed with professional sparring on administration, business strategy and organising of the race as well as encouraging support during the whole process. It gave them a possibility to widen their horizon and learn about the boys’ condition of life, and in their own abilities to meet and handle diversity.

Tryg took the opportunity to shed light on the need for improving peace-of-mind through inclusion and damage prevention, and distributed a t-shirt to all runners with the wording:  Peace of Mind – in Nørrebro, too. 

Read more here: (only in Danish).

Be my best
”Be My Best” was introduced as a pilot project in 2011 with the purpose of introducing and empowering women with another ethnic background than Danish in social entrepreneurship. The concept included provision of beauty care and treatment at the premises of Tryg in Ballerup by the participating women.

Hereby, they were given direct access to a group of customers and the chance to engage in a workplace as a small business owner. At the same time, Tryg employees were given the possibility to increase their well-being in an easy accessible way.

Subsequent to the pilot phase, two women took over and run the beauty salon as a private business under the name Emmaculate.

Refugee guides
 One of our central partnerships of 2012 was the one entered into with the Norwegian Union of Education (UDF), which resulted in a refugee guide educational project with the Norwegian Red Cross. The collaboration spans three years and has as its purpose the bringing about of a dialogue and creation of a common value for Tryg, our customers and the society.

The refugee guides are volunteers helping refugees to integrate in the local communities in which they live. The guides are recruited from among Tryg employees and the UDF in a regional cooperation with the local Red Cross offices.

Fourteen new guides were recruited in 2012. The goal for 2013 is, firstly, to strengthen and propagate awareness about the refugee guide concept and expand operations to Olso, while developing an instruction for children and youth, and the guideless asylum seekers about living in Norway.

Secondly, we hope to be able to inspire people to take part and thusly increase the number of refugee guides with ten new ones over the course of 2013.

Watch the video about the Refugee guides (in Norweigan): click here.