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CSR ambitions

Our CSR ambitions reflect Tryg's strategy and values

The handshake and purpose & values of our business strategy are reflected in our CSR ambition, which defines three goals for the CSR efforts: Respect, Sustainability and Responsibility.

The Handshake is extracted from our Core Values and is our promise to our customers, shareholders and each other. It shows the elements we attribute great importance in our corporate behaviour and culture.

We respect human rights and labour rights, both by ensuring that we do not infringe such rights and by promoting the protection provided under law and international commitments.

This includes the aim of combating prejudice and stereotypes negatively impacting minorities and vulnerable and marginalised groups in society and among our employees.

We continuously focus on offering sustainable solutions and encourage sustainable behaviour. Sustainability is of particular significance in the prevention of climate change and environmental impact stemming from business and private activities.

But it is also closely linked to social sustainability efforts that promote inclusive societies, in which all citizens feel comfortable and are able to prosper irrespective of their background.

In order to achieve our goals, we have to take active responsibility. Our responsibility materialises in our every day activities in that we emphasise dialogue with our stakeholders and seek to impact the businesses and the social spheres of which we are part.