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Mobility Management

Transforming our transportation habits

The mobility management within Tryg aims to transform our transportation habits into becoming more environmentally friendly. By avoiding unnecessary transportation and by replacing conventional cars with bicycles, trains, busses and electrical vehicles (EV), we can contribute to environmentally friendly transportation while improving the health of our employees and diminish the stress on environment.

This also creates possibilities of reducing costs, such as extension and maintenance of parking lots, and at the same time decreasing traffic congestion in our local community of Ballerup.

As part of the Mobility Management program, we have enabled our employees with access to:

  • 2 hybrid cars as meeting cars
  • 5 shuttle bicycles
  • Bicycle service at our headquarter by cykelven.dk
  • Enhanced shower facilities/and lockers
  • Public transport discount cards
  • Workshop material on smart transportation

The effort has proved great significance, exemplified by investigations of our transportation habits in 2011 and 2013. We have seen a progress by 6 %, from 11 to 17 %, respectively, in the number of employees going by bicycle to work. The share using own cars for transportation has decreased by 8 %, from 80 to 72 %, respectively. Concurrently, we have seen a rise in the use of public transportation and in combining several transportation options.

Read more about the survey on transportation habits here (only in Danish)

Our Mobility Management effort is inspired by Formel M, a local project initiated by Ballerup Municipality, with the purpose of reducing pollution from privately owned cars, creating better access to public transportation and reducing traffic congestion. We run a close dialogue with Ballerup Municipality and the neighbouring companies in Lautrupgård Ballerup.

The collaboration has been approved by the “Sustainable transformation” in 2013 and been awarded for this effort.

Read more about Formel M (information only available in Danish)