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Tryg is a pure non-life insurance company with a very strong brand and with focus on profitability and efficiency. Tryg is a well established business dating back to the 18th century.

We have around 3,300 employees situated in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Tryg is the largest non-life company in Denmark and the third-largest non-life company in Norway and the fifth-largest company in Sweden. Tryg was listed on Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen in 2005. 

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As the world changes, we make it easier to be tryg
('tryg' means feeling protected and cared for) 

Why invest in Tryg?

Strengthening the core, while embracing the future 
Tryg's key figures

Dividend Policy

  • Aiming for a nominal stable increasing dividend
  • Pay-out ratio of 60% to 90% (secondary)
  • Extraordinary dividend to further adjust the capital structure

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