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Tryg is a pure non-life insurance company with a very strong brand and with focus on profitability and efficiency. Tryg is a well established business dating back to the 18th century.

We have around 3,300 employees situated in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Tryg is the largest non-life company in Denmark and the third-largest non-life company in Norway and the fifth-largest company in Sweden. Tryg was listed on Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen in 2005. 

Tryg’s share monitor 

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Why invest in Tryg?

Financial targets 2017

  • Return on equity of 21% or higher after tax
  • Expense ratio at 14 or below
  • Combined ratio of 87 or below

Tryg's key figures

Solid capital position and a shareholder friendly dividend policy

  • Solid capital position with a high capital buffer
  • Low risk investment portfolio
  • Aiming for a payout ratio of 60-90% and a nominal stable increasing dividend

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Strong customer profile

  • Very strong brand position
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Developing price differentiated products