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After the release of the annual results 2016 on 20 January 2017, we will visit the following cities:

Date Place Participants from Tryg Arranged by
20/01/2017 Copenhagen Morten Hübbe, CEO 
Christian Baltzer, CFO
Lars Bonde, COO      
Investor Relations
24/01/2017 Oslo Christian Baltzer, CFO  
Peter Brondt, IR Manager
25/01/2017  London  Morten Hübbe, CEO
Christian Baltzer, CFO 
Investor Relations 
06/02/2017  Zurich   Lars Bonde, COO
Gianandrea Roberti, IR Officer 
07/02/2017  Munich/ Stuttgart  Peter Brondt, IR Manager  Carnegie 
07/02/2017  Frankfurt  Lars Bonde, COO
Gianandrea Roberti, IR Officer 
09/02/2017  Stockholm  Christian Baltzer, CFO
Peter Brondt, IR Manager 
Nordea Markets 
15/03/2017   Brussels  Gianandrea Roberti, IR Officer    Danske Markets  
21/03/2017  Helsinki  Gianandrea Roberti, IR Officer    Handelsbanken