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Invitation to the annual general meeting (AGM)

  • How do I get an invitation to the AGM?
    To receive an invitation to the AGM, to sign up for this service on the InvestorPortal. You can choose between receiving the invitation per e-mail or per post. To receive the invitation by e-mail, you must register your e-mail address in the InvestorPortal under Settings.

  • Why don't I get an invitation?
    We only send out invitations to shareholders who have requested an invitation.

  • When is the next AGM?
    The next AGM will be held on 8 March 2017.

  • Can I receive an annual report?
    Due to a decrease in requests of printed annual reports, we no longer print the annual report. You can download the annual report electronically on our download page. As a new initiative, we have launched an annual profile. You can order the annual profile here.