Tryg's purpose is to make it easier to be tryg in a world that is changing. The word tryg is a unique Scandinavian word, which means to feel protected and cared for. This is what we strive to achieve for all our customers, but at the same time we also work actively to ensure tryghed in society. This is why CSR is an integreated part of the way we do busniess.

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Tryg's tematic areas related to CSR is:
• Peace of mind in society
• Tryg as a responsible workplace with responsible management
• Competent and responsible customer relations

Barn paraply

CSR reporting

The CSR section at Tryg.com is a supplement to the mandatory CSR report that can be found in Tryg’s Annual Report.


The gathered data also makes up Tryg's Progress Report for the UN's Global Compact.

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