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We have a strategic partnership with Nordea, one of the largest banks in the Nordic region. Nordea sells our insurances through their branches Denmark and Norway, and we sell Nordea's life insurance and pension products.

The first strategic partnership and business cooperation agreement with Nordea was put into force on 1 July 2002 with a term of five years, which is the longest period permitted under relevant law.

AXA Corporate Solutions

In May 2008, Tryg and AXA Corporate Solutions signed a letter of intent to the effect that by 1 January 2009 Tryg would be using the international network of AXA Corporate Solutions to meet Nordic customers' international requirements.

The AXA Corporate Solutions partnership makes Tryg part of a global network represented in more than 90 countries and with geographical coverage of 95% of the inhabited world. AXA is one of the world's largest insurance companies.